Croatian Danube km 1433 to 1295

If you leave Hungary downstream, you have the possibility to stick to the right Croatian bank or to the left Serbian bank. We preferred the Croatian side and only cleared in Serbia afterwards.

There is a lot of afforestation in the shore area.

The first eagle unfortunately wobbles

The slipcase seems much too small. But he'll make it against the current

The pushing units are getting bigger

Once again a nice evening mood. It's time Vukovar showed up.

The first impression of Vukovar

the harbour we are invited by a nice Croatian at his

to tie up a houseboat. He drives his car to get diesel for us.

and get us some drinking water.

Shattered houses can still be seen from almost every angle.

Last detailed information from our nice host.

Everywhere you can still see the war damage. Vukovar was almost completely destroyed.

This war memorial is well attended

There is a lot going on in the market

Good thing the kids aren't there. Otherwise we'd still have pets on board.

Continue along the Danube. On the other side of the river lies Serbia.

If you want to see the Serbian side, I visited it in 2012 and can also be seen on this side.

The caravan is on stilts due to floods.

That could also be in the Amazon.

The whole Serbian-Croatian border along war damage.

A mighty fortress protected the valley

Now it goes on to Serbia.