The German section from km 2411

The Danube between Kelheim and Regensburg.

In Regensburg is just Dult (spring festival)

In the city centre we "confiscate" a passenger jetty so that Keith can take a look at the city. Meanwhile, I kept watch to know when the passenger ship was coming back.

The Wallhalla must of course be photographed in detail.

Unfortunately there is no possibility to dock nearby.

We are always at the very edge of the fairway

Beach near Deggendorf

Marina Deggendorf. Very nice people but with one of the most expensive on our trip.

These signs are used to navigate here.

Afterwards it goes through beautiful landscape and the Danube flows quite fast.

Evening walk. Tony and I go to the village a few kilometres away for dinner and fresh food.

In the absence of Marina we stay overnight at the lock Geisling.

Early in the morning we get a visit from workers of the water management office.

The squeaking of the bollards sounds almost like the whales singing here

We continue through beautiful Bavaria.

Since the skipper thought he knew the traffic signs better, we passed through a bird sanctuary.

The last overnight stay in Germany. Another lock, then we are in Passau and then in Austria.

Of course I showed my friends Passau extensively.

The next morning we cross Passau by boat. 

The city of three rivers is the starting point for many river cruises.

Veste Oberhaus

On the left the Inn flows into the Danube, on the right the little river Ilz.

Austria begins directly to Passau.