The Main-Danube Canal

One of our first locks.

Locks are child's play with bollards. Cover the middle cleat loosely and you're done.

The last lock up. After that, it's just down to the valley.

The water shoots with a lot of force into the lock. Holding on to the boat requires a lot of strength.

The European watershed. From here all water flows into the Black Sea.

The currently (2007) largest photovoltaic system in the world directly on the canal near Berching.

It supplies 6.8 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual consumption of 2,000 households.

The Main-Danube Canal south of Beilngries leads through the Altmühltal Nature Park and is very scenic.

Beautiful landscape, fantastic weather and three months off. What more could you want.

This bridge is probably photographed by everyone who crosses it.

At the last lock in the canal we had to wait longer. Thanks to the beautiful surroundings it was not difficult for us.

The river Altmühl flows into the canal

The Liberation Hall near Kelheim. Shortly afterwards we reach the Danube.